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02.05.2014 , 12:04 PM | #37
Man you guys are really into this game. I've purchased probably 1,000 cartel packs, have millions of credits and all the mounts, pretty sweet looking gear and I've just hit 32 on my first character. The change of focus is probably my fault. heh.

That said, I strongly disagree with rules being put in place for kills. This community is small enough. At most there could be a restricted league and an unrestricted league, but I've always viewed a kill as a kill, it happened and theres not much more to it. Nobody follows this community, and you're not playing for the masses - you're playing for yourselves because you enjoy the game.

Any small amount of drama that comes from the few guilds on top is part of the game, doesn't need to be complicated even further, the community is too small.
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