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I was on my Sorc healer doing SM Czerka Core Meltdown. One of the other players kept trying to jump up on the ledge where the rest of the group was. I waited for a while but he kept missing so I thought I'd make things easy on him and use extricate to pull him up. He proceeded to start raging hardcore. He kept saying he knows how to play his class and it's rude to have your character moved without asking for it and I'm a stupid show off. It was just so bizarre.

I am a PVPer by nature but I've been idly trying to gear up for PVE lately, which means doing HM flashpoints. My healer is in fully min/maxed PVP gear with purple augs so she is geared good enough for HM flashpoints. Her gear is worse than basic but better than the stuff you get from Oricon. I was doing a Corporate Labs HM last night and keeping everyone up but all of a sudden the tank noticed I was in PVP gear and kept demanding to know why. The conversation went something like this.

Tank: um why are you in pvp gear???
Me: Because I have no PVE gear, which is why I'm doing this?
Tank: :/ u shouldn't que til u have gear
Me: How am I supposed to get gear if not from the source where it drops?
Tank: do dailies use comms to buy gear
Me: So you're telling me I need to avoid doing HMs til I have all the gear that drops during HMs.
Tank: yes
Me: Why do you think HM flashpoints drop basic gear if you aren't supposed to use them as a source to get it?
Tank: easy money, didn't u do oricon for free gear
Me: Yep, and it's worse than what I have now.
Tank: no pvp gear is always worse

Weirdest thing ever.
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