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Did this with my guild last night and the whole experience was as flat as a pancake, unfortunately this is a result of F2P with everything being dumbed down to accommodate for a more social player base. Gone are the days where we are going to get challenging end game content.
I kind of already made this point, but the more social/casual player base existed before f2p. I played EQ2 from six months after it launched to 2012, and still log onto it once in a while. It wasn't f2p until I think 2011 or so, and it had a LOT of casual players, along with of course a lot of endgame.

This FP is meant to cater from level 15 to 55. I would make some changes to the level 55 version, but overall it sets out to do what it's meant to do. A FP that characters of most levels can play. Not every update will be ONLY for the endgame. Do I want more endgame content? Sure! But I also do want more low and mid game content as well.