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02.05.2014 , 05:00 AM | #45
The lack of interaction with NPCs to unfold the story line confers the impression that I am doing dailies. This is how [insert crappy flashpoint name] usually pans out for me :

1. Respec from Watchman to Smash
2. Queue for FP
3. Talk to the cat person
4. Board ship, lag much lag, smash all, exit area.
5. Queue again
6. Talk to the cat person
7. Board ship, lag much lag, smash all in a different order / different scenario, exit area.

If you guys call this a flashpoint then what are the others? I mean let's be honest, this is clearly the most unimaginative piece of content we have ever been given. Click boxes, destroy missiles (Makeb dailies anyone?), smash mobs, exit area. What happened to story immersion? You know like in the previous Flashpoints? Sure, not everyone likes them but it would give me a break from all the running and killing.

I won't even get into the role neutral aspect of this instance because in my opinion any content that does not respect the wholly trinity is a waste of time.