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The majority of players can have their bolstered leveling experience on storymode. Thats what is for, thats why i solo it or dont touch it at all after playing it once.
But whats preventing them from building a nightmarish Hardmode version of Kuyat for 55 players? You dont have to put in on the Group finder, just add some BIS loot and people will line up to play. So much wasted potential.
I'm lightyears away from being a top player when it comes to progression raiding and my raid will have to invest a lot of time to clear the new nightmare content. But even we would like to have something remotley challenging besides two or three bosses in DF/DP.
Endless Repgrind is no challenge.
Yes and No ... HM is meant to be first quality check, if you want BiS and real challenge we need NiM FPs.
I still want to see pre nerf LI tuned for 55 with 66/69s gear with main hand/off hand weapons and proper implants as rewards... but it has to be kept strictly outside of GF.
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