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That might be true if you're in a somewhat skilled guild but I've reched the point, both as DD and healer, where I'm actually surprised if the tank manages to keep aggro throughout a pug raid. And I'm not just refering to specific scenarios lthat are commonly known as tricky for the tank, like Kephess on TfB (aggro is always all over the place on that one).
Don't forget gear gaps in PuGs... we have played agro games with a friend... I used my 66/69s (66s main/off hands and some drop tank 69s) geared Shadow tank and he was on full 78 geared Sage DPS.
There is no way tank can keep agro with such cap (shadow rotation is not so complicated on stationary targets after all) without taunting... and there are some fights when taunt is not good to be used in wrong time.
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