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Now I'm member of a guild. Managed finally find one I tried one FP with them and they said I performed well everything was smooth and silk there maybe it's not about me being good healer, it's propably they being good but at least no wipes or even deaths Tank propably had good mitigation he often had about seven mobs on him and yet even I managed easily keep him alive. DPS also performed great, it was fast run and no one pulled additional mobs. Tank even apologized me when few mobs came to me he was great. I hope I get to play with them again someday
See, it works
/friend them, ask in guild chat when you want a FP, ask there for advises also, nice guild can make so big difference in game play.

Only note, this is not WoW, normals running to healer have to be 1st DPS targets... it is tank fault only if stronger one/s from pack go for healer and each FP has at least 1 spread trash that need some DPS coordination (LOS pulls need it too).
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