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Then I ask you of the contrapositive, if the parse is not legitimate, then it is fake. In which case, can you tell me with a straight face that someone would edit every time stamp of their parse to do what? Fit in an extra attack?
Sure, if that's the only other option you can think of. Someone with an elementary understanding of coding could put together a program to add or subtract time to/from every event after a certain time, it wouldn't be that hard. Either that, or more likely some kind of computer program to automatically interrupt it right as it hits.

The parser doesn't update every hundredth of a second, it updates about every second or two. The question then, is whether that delay is from the parser client or from the combat log generation. In either case, one could theoretically write a program to constantly check if Master Strike has been activated yet (it has its own line in the log, as I'm sure you know). If it finds it to be activated, it can simply activate the next ability X seconds after the activation, however long that happens to be.

In conclusion, no, I can't. On the contrary I'd rather just come up with a rational alternative.
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Negative language gets you disqualified? Oh I'm sorry, please wait while I contact your local 'safe space'