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I understand how the clipping works. Looking at your #1 parse Elitran, some of your clips are .2 seconds after the last tick. Some are faster. That seems reasonable and is what I usually see. But somehow Kishekzun is clipping at .002 or .003 every single time. That's 2 or 3 thousandths of a second. Not tenths or hundredths. Doesn't seem possible to me.
i Don't know why you are doing that. It is my fault if you can't play a guardian ? Is it my fault if you have the reaction time of a 80 years old person ? No. Im playing my class since 2 years, i know him by heart, doing maybe 2 hours of dummy each days to plays this class like that.

If you want to do that, just kilss thousands and thousands dummies and it will be fine. But don't insinuate that im a cheater because you can't play that class !!