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02.05.2014 , 02:00 AM | #1916
I'm not a tank by inclination or experience, but I do know one thing:

You need more tanking stats/mitigation than one augment (Redoubt or whatever it's called) and the odd enhancement can give you on what is otherwise pure damager gear --with mixed PvP and PvE mods, even! (<---sarcasm)-- for Czerka Core Meltdown [HARD]. This goes double if you don't know the fights.

Guild runs:

I've had rather mixed results with these, but for this run, all I got to say is...


Can someone tell me how to put a whole guild on /ignore?

Or maybe if/how I can charge their GM back for my 80k-creds of repair-bills?

How on Earth do some of these scrubs even make it to level-cap...And now they're all banding together? Oh, joy! Oh, rapture!


Well, I guess you know the old saying about the collective brightness of millions of 5-watt bulbs.

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