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Had 2 runs of this and did enjoy them both, was very easy in a group of us 3 healers and a dps 55th levels and we ended up splitting up and doing bits seperately to speed it up even more. End boss was easy enough but nothing dropped or worth getting with rep to go back again and again for sure.

Picked this up on my 32nd level tank BUT there was 4 of us, tanks, and this was a real challenge as you could see people not used to rotating strike and getting all their healing just given to them, was fun and we worked around it and in the end were all pleased. Id hope not to find all tanks if i go in again but will ride it for the good xp it seemed to provide in a mix with the other fp;s as queues as a tank are so short im sticking with pve and its a great change from pvp....been fed up with that long time. Its another fp thrown nicely into the mix as you go along.
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