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Give us a matchmaking system (ranked and regular) that actually works. (I won't get into the arena I got dropped in the other day where it was Rep on Rep, my team had a healer and 3 DPS and the other team had 3 healers and 1 DPS. I mean seriously, that's matchmaking?)
You confusing team composiotion and matchmaking. No one cares about team composition in solo q ranked arenas, especially in regular warzones. Solution is simple - get rid of solo q in ranked arenas and make separate type of regular q.
That would solve 2 problems at once:
  1. The number of teams q-ing for group ranked arenas. At least at the start of the season - just to get gear. Currently, player who does solo q get the same amount of Ranked Commendations. I remember the guy who grinded Obroan in the first day after arenas was added. This isn't right. Players who does group q ranked arenas should get better rewards. I hope rewards at the end of the Season 1 would match this principle, otherwise "Why should I strain quing as a team while I can just get the same rewards solo?"
  2. Team composition will be balanced by the class role. It would happen naturally because you every arena team in group ranked arenas need both 1 tank and 1 healer.
Cancelling solo q for Ranked Warzones was a wise decision. It created many great PvP guilds, which increased a number of Ranked Warzone teams. In some guilds were even several teams. Right now all this guild are fell apart, because there's no reason in this game to create big PvP guild anymore. Think about this, Bioware.