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I'm not to terribly impressed with it either. In the 15-54 version you get horrible combinations of completely new people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing, alongside people on their 10th lv 54 who have absolutely no patience with the new players.

I'm also not a fan of the whole role-neutral thing in it either. Healers either can't keep up healing when all four players are being attacked seperately, or they feel useless because all that is needed is DPS, and those scenarios depend entirely on the levels/gear of the other players. Tanks just get mobbed and dropped without a healer, and a whole team of DPS tends to involve at least one person dying on both of the zone champions unless several of them have, and use taunts to pull it off eachother when their health gets low. I even had a team of four healers, which makes for very long, slow boss fights.

Speaking of the bosses, I've done five runs, and got the jedi/sith four times. He seems to be specifically designed to irritate everyone. Any attacks with long casts/channels are nearly impossible to use because of those circles he throws around, and melee fighters are constantly having to back away from him because of them. Not to mention his constant jumping around makes melee nearly impossible anyways if the players don't stick nearby. Fighting him seems to mean the ranged players slowly chip away at him with weak attacks while constantly running away from circles, while the melee player pointlessly runs back and forth trying (hopelessly) to get close enough to attack. I imagine that if it was a decent team, they would stick together to keep the boss reasonably close to the melee players, but decent teams are hard to find, especially when EVERYONE who is leveling can access the same FP. The fourth player is relegated to simply running back and forth between the medstations. It's not challenging, it's just annoying.

It also doesn't help that there is no loot worth getting from it anyways. A starfighter customization. A very ugly (adaptive?) armor set. And one of those oversized speeders that get on everyone's nerves when they completely cover the mail boxes, etc.

One other thing. Who decided to call it a TACTICAL FP? There is no tactics, no strategy, no roles. Just straight up DPS. Aside from running for medstations during the bosses.