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Omg you keep boosting up the classes such as Juggernauts and Operatives for DPS.... Why don't you give some love to the Marauders and Snipers instead of other classes with the option to play different roles... We are waiting...
Seriously??? You complain about the most power dps classes in the game for both pve and pvp? If you want your argument to have an credit, you should have included Troopers/Mercs needing a buff.
Q.) First class most folks focus on/kill in matches?
A.) Commandos/Mercs (heal or dps spec)
Why? Because heavy armor doesn't mean much in this game's PvP. They lack stealth. They lack strong getaway skills (sprint, roll, jump, restealth).

You just don't see many Commandos/Merc in high-end PvP for those reasons, which is too bad because I love the class... big gun and two fisting... what's not to like? Oh ya, not being viable for PvP. D'OH!
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