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See my edited post up there.

Unless you meant the comms that come from the bosses in the instance?
I was on earlier, the only thing that gave elite coms was the weekly 3/3 quest. I ran one of the Czerka FPs and I ran the same one last night and it dropped elite coms, it was rewarding basic coms today. I didn't change anything from the GF so I was queued for only HM FPs plus the new ones. The GF weekly quest is now dropping basic coms as well as the daily quest. Yesterday they were dropping elite coms. Saw nothing of this in the updates or anything else.

OK I just back on, APPARENTLY, if you're queued for the new TFP and the SM Czerka ones, they ONLY reward in Basic coms. I thought since I did Czerka it was HM, apparently not. My bad.