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I wanna know why they took out the Elite coms from the HM FPs. They didn't even mention it anywhere that I noticed. SO now we have to make due with basic coms.
Wait, what?


Dude, I'm in-game right this moment:

Looking at my GroupFinder pane, the Daily comms reward for all the 55 HMs is still 10 Elite comms, Galactic Conflicts [WEEKLY] (complete [0/3] HM 55s) still gives Elites, and I can't check it 'cuz I did it earlier, but I'm pretty sure the CZ [WEEKLY] still does too, along with the [WEEKLY]s for Oricon, Makeb, and GSI.

Unless you mean the level 50 hard-modes?

No higher comms for those, as they are almost all pure faceroll, and drop borderline-obsolete gear (when they drop anything that isn't pure vendor-trash, that is).

I would like a Nightmare version of some of these that gives Ultimate comms, though
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