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[...] The problem is, some "hardcore" players aren't very raid orientated and now have very little fun content left to do in small groups.

Where's my epic solo-quest, EAWare? Where is our epically cool and challenging Flashpoint-arc, IE Kaon Under Seige ---> Lost Island, both [HARD]?

Or Hell, even another version of the Ilum story-arc, culminating in B-4-I and FalseEmp?

Biggest disappointments from 2.0 to prestent, at least in terms of PvE:

The Seeker-Droid and MacroBinocs quest-arc finales cannot be solo'ed, even though all throughout the lead-up, the main encounters are explicitly scaled to group-size.

the finale of Oricon is gated behind an Operation.

Give us brain-engagement-required content* for all group sizes and solos, with the option to do/not do, stop making everything binary wherein the only choices are NiM raids, or dumb-kiddie faceroll easy mode to cater to the bads.

*I would be perfectly fine if the solo/small group "smart content" didn't reward anything beyond vanity/social fluff, rep., and comms, as long as the quality and repeatability was there.
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