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I don't.. our guild chat is usually filled with "you scrub... I ain't healing your squishy SIN tank anymore..."

Just grouping a BULK of the "Causal" players as $hitty.. is not a fair title. Lots of RAID Awareness that comes with experience and group composition really plays a BIG factor in clearing NIM content. Trusting each other, communication and good ole fashion "Move out of that bad circle under you" come into play. I've run with several guilds and some are professional and very excellent, some need walkers and some have good folks but struggle to get the composition just right.
They could have gone with "Nan marōdā" (Winkso! ) or "Those of lesser perception" its just a nickname they use in their guild. Looking past that the opinions are shared by quite a few people.

Multiple guilds who previously competed in progression raids are experiencing difficulties keeping groups interested in raiding with the current set of content. Having to wait until April and then June for a new difficulty but nothing new isn't really that appreciated by many. Especially with games such as ESO / Wildstar etc coming up.
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Nobody cheated. News posts are not "fake." Forum thread rules do not invalidate kills that actually happened. It's attitudes like yours that make me, and many others in DNT, dismissive of progress tracker threads in general.
Not copying the whole previous quote ...

Lets all try and encourage more participation in the competition not drive people away from it. Past is behind us and NIM is a long way off.
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