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02.04.2014 , 07:05 PM | #1915
This isn't GF but a Heroic 4 on Makeb that someone called out for on general chat. I was a lvl 53 healer operative at the time and got a 55 jugg DPS, an assasin and a merc (I think, can'r remember he didn't last long). Anyway just as we got our group formed the merc said he had to AFK for awhile. No problem we waited for him. Problem is he stood in a very unsafe place. Me and the sin saved him a few times while waiting for the jugg to arrive. Sometime later merc never arrives and DC's. Jugg is overgeared anyway so we tried to 3 man it. Went along well, some wipes along the way as none of us has done this heroic before. We managed to get to the last stage and the sin announces he has to leave. No problem, we all have somewhere to be. He says his apologies then says "I'm just going to rush ahead and die in the mobs then" without first leaving the group. Jugg screams "NO!" but he went ahead anyway and pulled everything. Of course we die. Jugg was furious and soon I saw the sin ranting on general chat. Jugg must have whispered something nice to him. We pull out our companions and finished it without much issue. Last boss was just me healing him all the way. That was an interesting run.