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Interesting feed. "Casual $h!tties" is how you describe a majority of the player base... okay then. While I do agree we have an over abundance of crappy players in the game it doesn't really warrant a classification of everyone that does NOT clear new content (NIM mostly) the first week. While I do love watching you guys play/chat you all came across as pretty elite aholes just now. Don't see any other progression guilds doing that type of public bashing of fellow players (Hatred, Intrepid, Severity, etc). Classy it up folks and pull your pants up as your sith is showing.

Several Semi-Hardcore guilds I know have cleared DP/DF 100% and farming for several weeks now. So those same guilds are also pretty pissed off about the new content schedule. Most will go into NIM and work on a couple bosses as well, but likely only partially clear a bulk of them until gearing catchs up as well.

I agree that END GAME PVE sucks and BW has dropped the ball on this timeline. Some folks don't give a crap about NIM content and will basically BAIL OUT until 2.8 drops and/or the new level(s)/Planets/OPS.

I agree with CARL that spreading out DP and DF by 8 weeks is a good idea. Concentration on a single OP makes it easier for teams to tackle and conquer. The other reason being... BUGS, BUGS and I'm sure more BUGS for BW to fix once it's released. Now if BW can just pull it's head out of its REAREND and fix the HM/NIM unlock we might actually have "TRUE Progression" to the finish line for all the world firsts. (Not just a drop to HM then NIM on overtuned or "Mathmatically impossible" boss fights)

GEARING? What's that about in the new 2.7 update? We going to see the same BS we did with NIM content last time? Dropping 75's and then immediately useless when new HM's came out. That was a complete slap in the face to a great many people that did all the 75 content and BIS to have Ultimate Comm's able to purchase better in a single day.

CRAFTING? I'm willing to bet that 2.7 is NOT going to allow 78's to be craftable. Reason being they need to some how level up the types of crafting materials and such that will most likely be part of a new leveling Expansion.

While I don't agree with your level of respect you give to the "Casual" players I have to agree with most of your comments and ideas on what BW is doing things WRONG. This released timeline for those players skills some place between FP's and NIM is pretty crappy and most likely going to bleed some SUB's until 2.8 comes out. I think too much emphasis was placed on GSF with CM saving the day. Hopefully its a giant financial windfall for BW and they get PVE Operations back in line with some real scheduled releases. EOSL will most likely take some players, but I'm also hearing they have planned an extremely aggressive content release timeline. Maybe BW can hire some of them cause somebody has dropped the *** stick on the heads of someone in Austin too many times. Might be the same person that thinks Sage/Sorc are OP in PVP Arenas.. LOL
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