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Good to know changes are in store. However, some of those changes have to be making ranked worthwhile. That would include getting rid of the blasted arenas so many people absolutely hate. (I am one of those people.) I wouldn't do ranked if you were giving away real money simply because it's all arenas. Now, instead of learning from the mistake you added the same thing to GSF. Come on... Give us something worthwhile. Give us something worth the time to play. Give us a matchmaking system (ranked and regular) that actually works. (I won't get into the arena I got dropped in the other day where it was Rep on Rep, my team had a healer and 3 DPS and the other team had 3 healers and 1 DPS. I mean seriously, that's matchmaking?)
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Devs gambled everything on GC RNG, but they didn't even get green loot.