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It maybe hard to accept but this is not a game for hardcore raider. (Darn it is not even for an amateur raider) This game will be dumbed down with one purpose, milking the CM spending audience.
I don't think it's quite that dramatic, but you probably have the right overall idea. They are clearly making money off the CM, but it seems like they are mostly still working with a skeleton crew developer team. They just haven't put money into rehiring(enough) after their mass layoffs. Now we have a relatively small team of developers trying to continue making content for a huge WoW size MMO. They just don't have the resources to keep up. They either need to focus on a smaller number of things or hire more people.

We just don't know if they are just being cautious with development for the game or if ultimately they are happy milking the CM while doing a slow-drip content release schedule. EA ultimately holds the keys...