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Based on the latest EA earnings report majority of this game's revenue comes from Cartel Market. I believe people whop mostly spend money in Cartel Market is the lowest level casual player who is attached to Star Wars concept/brand and prefer to play only easiest content.
I disagree. Only Bioware would have the actual data, but I expect most casual F2P players are only going to buy the bare minimum from the CM - character slots, quick bars, artifact gear and escrow unlocks, etc. Maybe an occasional unlock for an operation. But I'd be shocked if F2P accounts spend more than $10/mo on the game on average.

The subscribers who spend a hundred of hours or more per month playing various alts are the ones most likely to want the latest CM mounts, emotes, chairs, gadgets, and gear. Much like taxes, I'd guess 80% of the CM revenue is generated by 20% of the players. I know in my own guild, there are players who spend (or used to, anyway) $50 to $80/mo in the CM beyond their subscription fee.

My question is, will GSF, NiM DF/DP, a new WZ, and 2-3 new FPs enough to keep that 20% happy and playing for the next 6 to 8 months? Bioware is pretty much betting the farm that it will be. GSF is certainly popular, the statistics from torstatus show a small, stable increase in activity since early access went live, excluding the randomness of the holidays. So maybe they are right, I dunno.