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02.04.2014 , 01:45 PM | #24
At around 25m you made really good points that I completely agree with; having no new SM/HM raids before the next expansion is extremely risky for the health of the game.

My raid team is a perfect example here. Due to turnover, holidays, and generally just being quite a bit more casual than DNT and other competitive guilds, we have finally within the last few weeks started to get full clears of both DF and DP HM. So your guildies would call us sh*tties, a term which I assume is used affectionately. :-)

When NiM arrives, we will certainly poke our heads in, but I don't honestly expect us to clear them in any short amount of time, and quite likely won't do so before the next tier of HM gear is out. So we will go in, hit a wall, kick it down to HM and clear until we get to an easier boss, or just full clear so we have done something, anything, as a team for the week.

But that isn't exactly going to be interesting for us, and I don't see how I can generate any level of enthusiasm for our team given the current plans. Flashpoints have always been pretty easy, and never part of the endgame gearing progression. While they can be an interesting diversion between raids, they are not a replacement for them. At least the hardcore raiders will have some new mechanics to chew on for a couple of weeks, and a new tier of gear to progress to. As bleak as the roadmap is for you, it's even worse on this side of the fence. The only things I can hope for is that the new Korriban/Tython FPs are as difficult as LI was at launch, and that the expansion is no later than October.

So like you, I expect a lot of people are going to have to question why they are continuing to subscribe when there is nothing new or interesting to do. Up until this roadmap, I had intended to check out Wildstar, but keep raiding in ToR. Now, I just don't know.