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So in any topic even tangentially related to DNT, are you going to constantly, literally constantly, bring up how butthurt you are about TFB?

Because you're getting really tiresome. Nobody cheated. News posts are not "fake." Forum thread rules do not invalidate kills that actually happened. It's attitudes like yours that make me, and many others in DNT, dismissive of progress tracker threads in general. "Oh you guys switched instances to kill Tyrans instead of Draxus and we've since found out Draxus is harder so your kill doesn't count." That's basically the attitude going around and it's really really stupid.

Unless somebody literally cheats during a boss fight by exploiting game mechanics in a manner unintended by the designers, we feel their kills should count. i.e. if, say, they find a way to burn Tyrans with his own inferno or whatever. Any other rules represent the threat of corruption in the system - in my opinion, the reason you and others like you feel the way you do is because you want to delegitimize actual competition.

If you'd just adopt our attitude towards progress you would never have to engage in a stupid discussion of what operation to do first. You know, when Burning Crusade released there were two entire tiers available at the new max level and the top tier had two separate instances with parallel progression. Somehow, the WoW community was able to make sense of it. SWTOR's PvE community needs to get on the level of maturity of 2007's WoW community.

The split is not the same and the previous split wasn't good either. It's just artificial stretching of content and it's insulting to our intelligence to think we're going to be satisfied with dribbles of content that will, by June, be eight months old with an extra mechanic or two and more HP/Damage.
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