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i didnt bother listening since my connection sucks for twitch >.<... anyways i will probably agree the delay for nightmare sucks.

i dont agree the "split between operations" is a bad idea, this is the first time we actually have 2 "same Story Arc" Ops, TFB / SaV doesnt count, when they both came together everyone in all servers agreed HM TFB was less important than SaV since it was done at lvl 50. and after that they released NiM TFB and NiM SaV later so they following exactly the same thing, with exactly the same split on gear. so i honestly dont know what you guys are complaining about in this specific topic.

just because they are "the same story" doesnt mean they are the same operation and i think what they did is actually good. we will be safe from the 2 weeks 100 page discussion of "what operation to do first" we will be saved of when we get a "hard" boss, Certain guilds Skip it or start farming other instance easy Bosses for gear just because "World Progression Thread rules doesnt count" and then claim World firsts. so ill disagree with you. The split on Operation is the same they have done before, and in my opinion, will help the community a lot more than both together, i still didnt know how we were going to manage organizing the Progress Thread with both operations. and after TFB HM we all know how guilds can cheat and dont give a **** about it just for website fake headline.

So Bottom line, i agree the wait is long (and it does suck) but it seems like they working on something big, if we manage to make it up to NiM DF, that will take the two months of farming for gear, then DP progress comes with new FP and a new story arc operation / FP that will probably be good. new PvP, apparently new minigame expansion, a whole new expansion so lets expect new lvl cap. new abilities. new Gear. New Operations and who knows, they said big news right? there might be some guild features, new class, new race. If bioware wants to do something great they have to come up with something great for the expansion. After all they just gave us release date on what we knew was coming, we knew about NiM, Quesh Huttball and FPs from data mine so nothing is new, its just release date, they didnt give any info or hint about what is actually new that they are working at, that they say its "huge" and biggest update yet.

I would say this break until DF NiM will be long but MIGHT be worth it, if they come up with something great with the new content. Considering the fail ESO and Wildstar will be IMO, i dont see much competition, WStar is just a hype because they say "70% of the devs are working on End game" while the rest of the game sucks, once their operations open we will see if it is a hype or not, also the 40 man stuff will take way more WoW players than Swtor, so i dont see neither of this games being a threat at all for Swtor i see everyone that post "Wildstar is looking really good" coming 2 months later the same way they did with GW2 and FF. Swtor has a very unique game style with Stories and voiced quests, Legacy and Alts that raised the bar very high in this aspect, after you play in Wstar beta or watch stream, the first thing you think is "how am i going to lvl to 50 with this crap", no story, no voice, repetitive quests. So the Core Swtor community, wants Swtor Content, not a new game :S.
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