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So who are bioware trying to please with this game? It for sure isn't PvP'ers, after how they got f*cked over. If not PvE'ers, then who? I'm starting to believe bioware just wants to give star wars fans a star wars game, instead of giving everyone a good game.
If Blizzard can't please hardcore raiders, then Bioware certainly can't please anyone ... just sayin' lol

Right now SWTOR is simply too "unfocused", everything is half-cocked, including their new brainchild GSF. Just the fact that they're splitting DF and DP NiM into two separate patches speaks volumes about their capacity (or lack thereof) for multi-tasking.

On top of that, there's also this latest trend of "tactical" flashpoints in which derp reigns supreme and in which tanks and healers are going the way of the dodo. SWTOR seems to be all over the place, trying to focus on so many thing but in the end delivering a mediocre MMO across the board.
The prodigal son has returned ... some people are stuck with SWTOR, for better or worse.

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