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02.04.2014 , 01:30 AM | #1913
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HS fp. sin tank ,sin dps ,me sniper, merc heals
damn it. wish SWTOR had a mechanism to just give loot to one who needed it who actually needs it for their gear. like cunning gear for a sniper rather than an assassin dps. i mean. i lost 3 loot. vibroknife sniper rifle and chest. wish they have a fix on this via system. he was f2p and kept needing it even after explaining everything >.>

and ofc assassin needs those. so he won all 3 cunning gear which were upgrade for me.
Votekick is your friend. You should have votekicked this guy as soon as you noticed this happening and explained it to him (of course, if he had changed his behaviour, you would have let him stay).