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Why would they make a game for a group of fans who by and large abandoned the original game in droves and left it to die a slow death?
Everyone left because once Jedi's were introduced, everyone thought they, and no one else deserved to be a Jedi. It was crying on a epic level that I've never seen before or since. But for the first 6 months, it was truly incredible. 30 classes, vast customization, and best crafting system I've seen in any game. Even after the first wave of defections we still had a vast and healthy community. Many people like myself didn't care about being a Jedi, so what we did was hunt them endlessly, and made them pay, because most people who did have Jedi's were the most pompous aholes you would come across in game, because they thought they were better than you because they had a Jedi. So it was great hunting them, killing them, and reading their endless hate tells that they would send you after the fact.
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