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02.03.2014 , 11:47 PM | #1911
55 HM Mandorian Raiders on my dps Powertech with a merc dps, merc healer, and a Jug dps with a couple attempted pieces of tank gear. After he died once I warned him that it might happen a lot with mainly dps gear. I guess he decided to have me share the load on the big pull before the dog boss, he didn't aoe the spawned dogs, and waited till I had already hit a health pack and blew all my cooldowns to taunt. I had about 200 life left, a dog fart would have killed me off.

At the dog boss I tried to give him tactics, but the dog I marked for me and the other dps to burn was his target. He tunneled it, and we wiped. We wiped a second time because he stopped tanking the boss off in a corner, so he could hit the last dog. Gave him some advice and left. No one else typed anything besides me and the tank so I knew a vote kick wouldn't work. I did whisper him to give him some more advice, to run some dailies/easier content and build a tank set.

Oddly enough this is my first bad tank experience at 55. I expect that kind of gear while leveling, because it is sort of a take what you can kind of thing. Hell at this point all the original 55 hard mode stuff is done on auto pilot. Los is the only tool used, and I hardly ever see a cc.

This wasn't the first tank I delt with that wouldn't ask if they didn't know the fights, I guess they are gun shy because of the habit some people have of kicking any ill prepared tank.