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02.03.2014 , 10:07 PM | #1909
Had a bit of fun where I did the weird thing. I was aked to join a guild run of S&V sm using the group finder mode. We make it through the first three bosses without drama, but we are light on dps due to two folks being recent promotions to level 55 (think lower level green weapons). Past the weekly we begin to slow down with several wipes through the trash to boss run four and then a couple more trying to clear the town in boss four. As we entered through Group Finder, rezzing takes me back to Fleet each time. Now initiating vote kicks for the undergeared dps will most likely earn me illwill in a guild run, and spending the time to explain how to make one or two super teams clear to the town while the others wait will just take too long, sooooo...being a "comfortable crafter" I stopped by the Galactic market and bought some needed supplies. Not full 72s mind you, but purple 66 versions of barrels, hilts, mods, etc and handed them out quietly upon my return. I recieved some very greatfull TYTYTYs, and we cleared the rest of the ops without further issue.

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is fix it yourself rather than complain about it. Fun times