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I'm sorry, I mean it in the game play point of view, the lore is better. Anything you know about WoW lore, the Warcraft lore, is in the game. SWTOR, it is not. I never played KOTOR, so for me, I don't see Han Solo or Obi-Wan or Jar Jar. I just see people called Darth and speeders and randomly named people.
Disagree. I started in mid-BC, didn't raid until mid-LK. There was nothing for the casual WoW player explaining who Arthas was, why the Scarlet Crusade was bad, or why a non-raider should care about the Sunwell. I remember trying to do the achievement where you had to fish up all the coins in the Dalaran fountain. Most of the named coins elicited a "who's that?" response - was Medivh a good guy or bad, for instance. They didn't have much storybuilding in-game. Reading through quests also didn't give you a sense of an area, or why you were doing what you were doing - only exception I found was Mankirk's wife and revenge. I left the game in Cata knowing a little about the world, but knowing I didn't need to in order to succeed.

Perhaps my interpretation is off, especially as world-building is approached differently. I do believe the use of voice and cinematics for quests stick more, even for the casual (using multiple senses vs. text-based info dump).

Part of this role-play also makes choosing characters and sides more involved. A pally is a pally, a mage is a mage, Horde/Alliance, doesn't matter. A BH is NOT a Trooper, a slinger's not a sniper. They play the same, but aren't a 1-1 faction switch. Can you imagine changing your SW's faction, have him/her become a JK?

Speaking of, TOR has a wonderful thing with Legacy, and being able to send items/money across factions. Purely as QoL, it's magnificent. Actually TOR has more QoL than WoW - mod gear, companions doing your grunt work, cross-faction trade, and moddable UI built in.

So, is SWTOR better than WoW? For me, yes. For you? You decide.
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