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02.03.2014 , 09:07 PM | #1
Hey everyone, with Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint arriving tomorrow, I wrote up a guide on it over the weekend. It is mostly a fairly straight forward flashpoint but there are something that are not entirely obvious like one of the puzzle scenario.

There are 5 "trash" scenarios and 3 boss scenarios. Every time you enter the flashpoint, 2 random "trash" scenarios and 1 random boss scenario is picked. Within each scenario there are also some randomization like location of the Elite Defender or which Elite Defender you get. If you have played Fractals in GW2, it is the same system except you are working with a much smaller pool of scenarios.

This flashpoint is accessible to players from level 15 to 55 (I think you are bolstered if you enter it as a low level) and it is role neutral. Players in full 78s can solo most of it except maybe the boss.

Anyways, here is the guide, enjoy!