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Each new iteration of the secret boss seems to get harder and harder DPS-wise, so trying to defeat a boss inside of another boss's enrage timer would make it quite challenging, and perhaps too challenging in HM or NiM's enrage. It shows up in the second and third past phases, and in the third, the only thing in there is the crystal, so there wouldn't be anything else trying to hurt us. The other part in regards to its placement in SM is that it really doesn't matter where the boss is placed, as you will need at least the Dreadful Orb to spawn it, likely while wearing the mask, requiring that you need to have beaten the Dreadful Entity at least, if not the Hateful Entity. Both of which are/were quite challenging DPS-wise. On top of that, Hateful isn't super hard to spawn, as you can beat it in HM and then switch the phase to NiM since they share a lockout. And since a lot of the guilds capable of defeating Hateful Entity probably just skipped SM DF/DP, it would make an excellent hiding spot to put it in SM.
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