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02.03.2014 , 03:07 PM | #18
The big issue with new content is that Starfighter has sucked up just about every aspect of it.
We no longer get things for ground game, and instead get bombers, gunships, and game modes for starfighter.
The problem with that is GSF bores the crap out of me, and I've heard the same from many others, some haven't even tried it. I enjoyed it for a week then went back to ground game, I get more enjoyment running the same ops I've ran over and over on alts than flying around in circles trying to aim my mouse cursor on some little reticle.
Unless they have a hidden agenda all I'm seeing is for the next few major updates to be MORE GSF, and I mean honestly I'm not surprised, they can charge people all sorts of Cartel Coins for stuff with it.
Even the new FP we're getting is tied to launching GSF, sure we got things like the Rakghoul event, but what else has come other than that?
6-8 months to release a op that is already made and just needs some tweaks here and there with different loot is absurd. Not to mention the casual raiders who don't even run NiM. They get to wait 8-12 months for new Ops.