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Don't much care about new ops when we are still waiting for NM modes of the current Ops.
OMG GOD more grinding of the same old Sh*t,

Dont mind, NiM but it would be nice for NEW CONTENT a thing this game lacks!
2.5 new ingame mini event
2.6 the same new ingame mini event
2.7 nim and new low lbl fps
2.8 nim again
LVL 55 Vanguard x 2 LVL 55 Commando x2 LVL 55 Sage LVL 55 Shadow LVL 55 Sentinel LVL 55 Guardian LVL55 Scoundrel LVL 55 Powertech LVL 55 Sniper LVL 55 Assassin And some other toons that get forgotten about