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actually this is quite true and less hastle. as you dont ahve
i wonder how she manages to avoid fire in cademimu last boss being ranged at 35m. must be really fun to bath in fire while dpsing.
I think you meant to say "have".

I would pay to see that Cademimu boss fight with that Sage, Athiss would be another place where I would love to see the 35m range used fully,

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Wow, if this was SM, I would understand, but by the time you get to HM, you really should know better. I had a SM Cademimu tank (PT) once who was absolutely certain that if he stood dead center of the room for the final boss, he would be safe from the fire. The healer (Sorc) and the other DPS (Merc) decided to join him. That was a very short fight. My Sniper ended just running into the fire to get it over with.
You're not on ToFN by chance? Because I can swear that I saw a PT pull this crap today, lucky for me the Mara didn't listen or my baby Sorc would have followed in the way of your sniper
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Nobody wants your scams.

And if you spent your time doing this, then you are a fool. Shoo, shoo. Get lost.