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then the final boss. i went to right. and 2 dps stood in front with tank. tank didnt avoid it either. and "leap frogged to champ" somehow those 2 dodged the spray for my luck. then the fun. when adds came. first they came for me or sage. as we were nearest. if i got adds i used to run to sage to bring her to attention of adds. thefun part is, as soon as she saw adds. she started running away from them and past tank and sentinal and to console area. i was like... arent you supposed to kill them? the poor sentinal ran around and killed them. that sage thought range wont work at near. she used to go far and dps. even the weak 2 adds.

i wonder how she manages to avoid fire in cademimu last boss being ranged at 35m. must be really fun to bath in fire while dpsing.
Wow, if this was SM, I would understand, but by the time you get to HM, you really should know better. I had a SM Cademimu tank (PT) once who was absolutely certain that if he stood dead center of the room for the final boss, he would be safe from the fire. The healer (Sorc) and the other DPS (Merc) decided to join him. That was a very short fight. My Sniper ended just running into the fire to get it over with.