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I really don't care if someone sliced the elevator. Jumping down and healing is still faster. Even when I have slicing, I don't use it there.
actually this is quite true and less hastle. as you dont ahve to wait for that person to slice it or for elevator to start functioning and go down.

Had a funny run just now HS HM fp. me scoundrel 69/72 mix. guardian tank 41k. sage 25k sentinal 27k.

First i repaired the drill. but tank was fixated on elite droid, went ahead and jumped. all rushed and killed it. i asked "shortcut?"

no reply. went ahead and started pulling one after the other. i was little pissed since he didnt reply. but thought he might want bonus. so alright.

Droid boss.

Tank: "cleanse me at 5 stacks"

Tank: "or else all"


me:" i know how to cleanse, dont worry" (i was annoyed by his ways already and no one was in any trouble till now with health")

i cleanse at 4. so i did it at 4. just my way of doing. i know it can be done at 5 but thats my choice. and there was no issue. he didnt dodge small droids 2-3 times. but oh well. i healed it anyway. al lwas fine.

then the los pull next mob. tank went and stood at los place. both dps are peaking at 1strong and 1 weak mob. i sensed trouble, was trying to type los pull. and tank started already. and sage being range. stood there and started dpsing. the 3 strong driods came and ate the sage in 2 seconds. i couldnt heal through that damage.

sage apologised. but i felt it was also tanks fault since a little "los" would have sufficed there.

tank:"stand where tank stands is basic"

me:"los word would have avoided the trouble"

well, then everything went fine and the pulls were one after another without break anyway. but i knew how to save energy and where to spend.

then the 2 champ droids. i cced second 1 right after he started. but sage was attacking it. i kept ccing it. i was determined to keep it cced. (i tend to say, i am ccing it. so dont attack by ccing it again) its bound to go to their head at some point. and since sage was in tele tree. she was ST dps anyway.

tank " stop ccing it"

i understand it doesnt need cc as i can heal through it. but since it was sentinal and tele tree sage and guardian who are all mainly single target dpsers. is it too hard to avoid hitting other? i just dont get it. i can also help burn it down if other is cced and aiming at 1 target with 4 is faster and easier. pfffttt

i was really pissed by that time. until then i was also dpsing as we had little less dps from 2 as it took forever to down torche and other 2 champs before. i stopped caring and just started healing whenever required. (practically did nothing for seconds)

we got 80 bonus kill in next mob. and no one asked for 2 extra elites. we didnt even had to kill the bonus boss. oh well. i didnt bother asking knowing how our tank was very reply friendly.

then the final boss. i went to right. and 2 dps stood in front with tank. tank didnt avoid it either. and "leap frogged to champ" somehow those 2 dodged the spray for my luck. then the fun. when adds came. first they came for me or sage. as we were nearest. if i got adds i used to run to sage to bring her to attention of adds. thefun part is, as soon as she saw adds. she started running away from them and past tank and sentinal and to console area. i was like... arent you supposed to kill them? the poor sentinal ran around and killed them. that sage thought range wont work at near. she used to go far and dps. even the weak 2 adds.

i wonder how she manages to avoid fire in cademimu last boss being ranged at 35m. must be really fun to bath in fire while dpsing.
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