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I was leveling my Merc and queued for level 20ish FPs. I got Athiss, and I was heals. I knew it was going to be bad when the tank and other DPS dropped down the long way instead of taking the elevator I sliced, but I usually don't judge by then. Anyways, before the first pull the tank sends me a whisper/tell (he was a jugg) and demanded I give him lead. I asked why and he said he wants the Strength gear that drops in the FP . I responded with, well roll need then. He replied in all caps GIVE ME LEAD. So I said, give me a reason to. He then informed me that strength gear won't drop because I am lead and I'm a merc. I lol'd and said that's not how loot work, bro. We got past the first 2 pulls and some random mob dropped green aim gear and then the tank left. Needless to say ALL of the bosses dropped strength gear. I tried to whisper him back and link the gear but much to my chagrin adding someone to ignore blocks you from whispering them as well. I was sad I was unable to disprove him because I had him on ignore, but whatever. I thought it was hilarious he wanted lead so he could get strength gear that wasn't going to drop otherwise and all the gear save for that 1 aim item was strength gear. Otherwise, it was a smooth run. A few deaths of the Mara pulling stuff by accident, but he apologized and we got done. It's times like these that make me lol really hard.
All unrealistic demands are met with the same "GFURself brohsef" from me.

That guy was a tool.

See you in the warzones, muppets.