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02.03.2014 , 11:26 AM | #1
Everyone has a 78 hilt / barrel mainhand. Rest of gear is also 78s and mostly optimized 78s (set bonus / good enhancements).

We have a guardian/shadow for tanks and scoundrel/sage for heals. DPS is watchman sentinel, combat sentinel (for killing anomalies), and a sage and slinger for ranged (not sure on their exact specs). We get through the first phase just fine, often beating the second set of adds for each tentacle, ie the second set does not even spawn. During second phase we throw all the DPS on right tentacle then the combat sentinel leaves as soon as the first anomaly spawns. Other 3 dps continue killing right then left tentacles while the combat sent again deals with anomalies.

We are hitting enrage during the third set of tentacles in the 2nd phase and he 1 shots the tanks and that's that. We're not even close either as we usually still have one of the tentacles at or nearly 100%.

Is this bugged/normal or do we need to start throwing healers on the tentacles too? And also have the combat sent skip the last anomaly (it still spawns) and then we deal with it during irregularties phase?