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02.03.2014 , 09:49 AM | #24
I'm just going to say as a 50% min/max 78 DPS. If I see a tank that guards the healer I play a simple game of Sage Tank and burn as many cool downs as possible on the first boss pulling threat. I find it hilarious. Now if I have a tank that guards me or another geared dps I will kindly drop threat as well as let the tank build before nuking a boss. I don't need to do the FP's they have nothing for me but fun. I figure its a learning experience for some of the players to see what end game dps is like for threat.

What I really find amusing is when you run into a really bad tank that can't hold agro and I am actually threat droping on cooldown even force barrier and they start ************ in party. That makes me laugh. Sorry tank rant. But I do love a good tank like the op sounds to be.