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I don't know how much is known about this Unseen Presence. I have found it in the second phase of the Dread Master Calphayus fight in phase two and three in the past on the throne. This is in 16-man story mode Dread Palace. I have not had much time to observe it, however I have some theories and possible explanations for its placement. I haven't tried 16-man hard mode and can't remember if it's in 8-man. I personally have only been able to target it once. However, it seems to always be present regardless. I think you might have to tab-target through all of the focus crystals to get it. But haven't had enough time to test that. I've tried using the dreadful amulet on the area where it is located, but nothing happened. Since I was unable to target it, I'm not sure how the dreadful orb will react to it, if it does anything at all. I don't have the Crest of the Dread Master, however, I do have a theory. While that mask doesn't have any clicky abilities, I do believe that its description is a bit different and says that the mask feels ancient or something. If this is the case, and being that the presence exists in the past, the two could have something to do with each other and time in general; perhaps one needs the crest for it to work. Since it is on a throne, maybe you have to literally sit on the throne with the crest on. Then maybe you have to use the orb on yourself or the presence. As far as an explanation for its placement in 16 sm only (please say if it exists in other instances), it seems like a lot, if not all of the guilds capable of doing this at current gear level, would have completely skipped the SM conent and go straight for HM, so putting it in SM would make a great hiding spot. On top of that, it doesn't matter that it's SM since it would be far more challenging DPS wise than anything out at the moment, as Hateful Entity was.

So, does anyone have any insight or ideas about this? Has anyone else even noticed this?
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