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02.03.2014 , 12:35 AM | #1891
i once ran Foundry SM with my Marauder and had a healer who would only heal the tank, period. now the tank was as i recall fairly decent, but no tank can have an easy time keeping all of the adds focused on him, and me im more than willing to pull Adds off of the healer, my main is a Sin tank and my in your face fighting attitude is great for pulling adds off the healer. i tell the guy repeatedly in chat to heal us DPS, he is doing a great job with the tank and luckily the Tank is good enough that we DPS don't die except when it came to HK-47. the DPS have to keep the adds off of the healer to prevent the healer dieing, or being too busy healing himself. the problem is however that without any heals me and the other DPS cant keep soaking add damage so we get killed by the adds, without us agroing the Adds it causes a wipe. after that i voted to kick the guy, me and the other DPS were pretty pissed and the tank as well knew it was bad for us, rest of it was a breeze with a new healer who knew better.