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I noticed a heavy trend toward Melee Main Tanks, and while a talented player can be successful at whatever they do, I find that a lot of the general populous of melee tanks get tunnel vision and fail to gather up ranged mobs properly, causing some stress on the healer as they attempt to keep up with splash damage across the party.

This being said, I find the Powertech BH pretty under played. This class allows for a lot of sustained ranged damage and ranged single target and AoE taunts that give them perfect control and perspective over a wider range of the battle. So if you are not in an organized guild or if you find you are suffering sometimes from tunnel vision, you might think about rolling a BH/Trooper for tanking instead of a melee.

Groups of course need at least 1 major DPS class. I think the 'perfect' match for your pure DPSer is formulated in what you are tanking with. BH tanks and Marauders for example are less compatible then Powertech's and Snipers, while a Melee Tank will click a lot more with a Marauder in the party, not to say it can't be done, just looking at 'perfect' optimization.

As for your 3rd, DPS or Offtank? We have found both obviously it goes from fight to fight and how good your tank is at gathering aggro in the first place. If you have someone that is a 'unique snowflake' and doesn't want to focus fire down targets, then having an Off Tank is a good role for them, because at least they have the survivability to live there their mistakes. If you have two solid DPS though that can focus fire targets and a tank that is good at gathering like a BH PT is, than I would advise going two full DPS if possible. In the end the specific fight and moment are truly what define 'optimal' though, so I think either way is very successful as long as everyone is living up to there role. Sometimes I find actually an 'off healer' to be very successful to, like a Merc, just in case your healer goes down.

And of course a pure healer is desired, and running with at least all 3 Empire healers, I find I have less preference of class and more preference of the talent of a given healer. They each have there pro's and con's and across the board are each valuable in specific situations, each one which comes up in any given flashpoint.
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