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General strategy and tanking can certainly help as others have mentioned, but here are some comments about the two people making the videos. I think somehow cultivating an atmosphere where it's okay to make suggestions and discuss improvement is going to be important.

1. The dps sorc making the draxus and grobthok videos needs some work on rotation. Single target: force lightning is being cast without the proc (better just to spam lightning strike), and other non-optimal things. AOE: I don't really play a dps sorc, but I think you want to force storm, wait for proc, then hit chain lightning as soon as it procs (i.e. break the force storm channel --- force isn't an issue for lightning sorcs). The sorc in the video is usually waiting for the end of the force storm to hit the instant chain lightning and/or hard casting chain lightning to start. Also, altogether too much time is spent single target when there are 3+ adds. Maybe others who are more familiar can confirm my suggestions.

Single target rotation priority: 1. Keep up your dot. 2. Thundering blast and crushing darkness on cooldown. 3. Chain lightning and force lightning on proc (you delay using it if it's time to do item 1 or 2). 4. Fill with lightning strike.

Also, maybe you skip crushing darkness when you're taking damage (I don't really play a lightning sorc, as I said) due to the pushback.

2. The healing sorc making the S&V videos: He doesn't cast while moving, and even when still seems to have low APM and to sit doing nothing occasionally. When nothing too drastic is going on, you should still be casting usually. If he's doing this so he doesn't run into force issues, he should be tapping more (when nothing big is going on is a good time) and putting a bubble on himself to regain the life, say. Or contributing dps if the healing is really easy. Some sort of APM practice would be good, as would practice casting while moving.

Also, he's delaying casting innervate too much sometimes (even casting dark infusion when it's available), which should be cast roughly on cooldown whenever it's still needed. I have heard of healing styles involving saving it in case burst is needed (I don't personally do this unless people are nearly topped off), but when multiple people are near half health is not a time to save it.


All this is not to criticize them too much or anything; they're doing various things right. As I said above, somehow cultivating acceptance of constructive criticism will be key to improving your group.