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Also some tanks refuse to use taunts at all, because they think they are fatal for them.
On Mandalorian Raiders there comes fight against Imperial Boarding party where is 3 or 4 gold mobs. I was with badly geared vanguard dps, and shadowtank and sentinel from same guild. Before fight tank and sent explained tactic that would be everyone taking one mob, so no one would get too much damage. I agreed because I knew that guildies held power to kick me off, even if I personally prefer healing only one target instead of many of them because switching breaks my healing rotation.
So fight begun. I got dual wielder on me, tank took ranged officer and rest went to our poor vanguard. He had poor gear and he couldn't take many hits, and I couldn't heal him much since tank also needed heal and myself. Vanguard asked for taunt but tank answered something like I have one already. So additional mob would have been sentinels to take but ofc he had no taunt. I couldn't keep vanguard up and he fell. Inq that had been on him came to me but sentinel took that off. Luckily sent and shadow were geared so we didn't wipe.
Side note: vanguard got kicked. I felt sorry for him even if he was undergeared its stupid how two friends can kick whoever they wish
Maybe all talented players play with their guild so there is a lot uneducated in GF. Also Eclipse seems to be quite popular starter server