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i am not sure on Gobthrok "tank need to kill adds". we never do it that way but its just us.
I dot adds, use grenades and usualy other DPS adds their little bit of damage to it.
Commnado will do Mortal Volley on CD when adds get close to boss, our two sentinel's would use sabre throw on the adds. Off tank would try to grab then if he can.

There is a lot of ways of killing this boss, for one DPS on adds to only tank killing them thru lava.
One way is faster and better, one way is slower and worse. It is faster for dps to spec for single target and focus only the boss, leaving the adds to the offtank. If ugnaughts so much as touch the lava, they get a permanent debuff that guarantees that they will die. Yes, if you have sufficient dps you can screw around and pad meters with aoe, but that is not the fastest way to kill the boss.

For a group that actually hit the enrage on Grob'thok, I would never recommend they try aoe. I don't recommend it for any group unless they specifically want to mess around.
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