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i am not sure on Gobthrok "tank need to kill adds". we never do it that way but its just us.
I dot adds, use grenades and usualy other DPS adds their little bit of damage to it.
Commnado will do Mortal Volley on CD when adds get close to boss, our two sentinel's would use sabre throw on the adds. Off tank would try to grab then if he can.

There is a lot of ways of killing this boss, for one DPS on adds to only tank killing them thru lava.

But knowing who is struggling most on current content and helping them to improve should be your priority.

But they need to want to improve. so they need to all upload logs so you (or us) can look at it and advise them what they are doing wrong. If they refuse to upload logs or don't want your help them its your call, wipe till all get fed up with your group or replace them as they don't want to help yourself and your group. I hope you will not have to do it.

I spend a lot of time on dummies with DPS from my group when they are not sure are they doing rotations well etc. I don't mind doing it as i know this will benefit my team in the long run. I have looked thru healer's healing logs when needed, and helped them to improve. Same with tanks on threat etc. its just a case of how much you want to help them to improve and how much they want to improve.
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