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i run an average group and we just managed to clear all HM content.

one thing that came out from our progression was that Tanks needed to improve. what was impossible for them (I asked them to do something and they were like *** you on about - its too hard) now is easy to do.

Look at your tanks first in fight for fight basis. make sure they do everything that is required to improve DPS uptime on the boss, make DPS live easier by stacking adds on the boss, or keep boss facing away from group. Help healers by adjusting your tactics so group can stack - makes AoE healing much easier and though so much smoother.

Both mentioned fights Gobth'rok and Corruptor Zero hugely benefit from stacking at the back of the boss for AoE heals.

DPS - look at each DPS and ask them to tell you how much accuracy, crit, surge, alacrity they have. All DPS should be >99.5% accuracy and no more then one enchantment with crit.
Another thing is that some DPS classes need to change build for certain fights until you have enough DPS so you can take a hit on one or two players not doing their most. Gobth'rok was one that when we first tried to kill him i was in SS as sharpshooter and was doing poor 2.3k I swapped to doting class (due to interrupts to my skills like speed shot) and i DPS went up to 2.9k. From hitting enrage to easily killing it from one pull to another. Also if you have sniper in your group (or two) you should get then to go hybrid build and when small adds land all they have to do is DoT with skill that is same as Sharp Bomb, then use one granage on them and tank will do the rest. Same with Tyrans in DP, Dotting class will do much better on this fight then stright up damage class.

Healers - look at logs why your raid is wiping - too much damage on group from adds, off tank not grabbing enough agro on adds, boss killing people - tanks not holding aggro on boss. In general unless you healers are bad, this should be least of your problems. For corruptor zero fight, get one of your DPS (sage) to dispell DoT from chest laser skill which will help healers a lot. Stack on the boss for AoE heals.

I will watch some of the movies when on faster internet connection and will comment on what we do different to make the fights easier. But having DPS logs from failed attempts, and maybe some videos from each fight that you struggling with will help a lot to help you.
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